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Memories on Tatham Fell


From the village of Giggleswick  North Yorkshire were my parents live and dad was born, we were taking a trip to my mum's old school at Tatham, passing places were I played as a young child on family farms.

Through Ingleton , Bentham, towards Tatham Fell, Lowgill,  then back over the moors to Forest of Bowland,  Slaidburn and Gisburn Forest, Wigglesworth, and Rathmell before arriving back to Giggleswick.

Egg sandwiches packed and a flask of tea we first stopped on  Buck Haw Brow,( we just say Bucker) to look at the Ebbing And Flowing Well.
There are many stories about  Ebbing And Flowing Well. The well has been famous over the centuries for its strange and curious ability to ‘ebb and flow’, Folklore and Myths have been recorded...

“Near to Giggleswick Scar is an oddity of nature, the Ebbing and Flowing Well. An explanation for its behaviour is that a nymph who was being chased by a satyr prayed to the gods for help. They turned her into a spring of water, which still ebbs…

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