Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Looking for a Goldeneye

A rare visit to Rodley Nature Reserve on Saturday in search of a Goldeneye, a bird I have only recorded the once at Eccup, there was some debate to weather the brown dot on the image was actually a Goldeneye at the time !

Pam @ Pam's place  had been on the Wednesday and seen 9, sadly I didn't get to see them, there had been two female on the lagoon that morning .
I did get to watch a large flock of Linnets (we think) flying round the field, 

Oystercatcher, Tufted duck, Kestrel, Cormorant, Pochard and Reed Bunting were ticked of my year list.

While I was there I met and had a good chat with a man called Tony, living not far from me. He goes to the local Camera club. Talked me into going so I will let you know what it was like. Turns out Tony is one of the top photographers and birder in this area ! 

33 species recorded