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Adel church and it's wildlife...

St John the Baptist Church, Adel
 Leeds West Yorkshire

Have been wanting to visit this church for some time, there is a good parking opposite the church. I found out later people park here to go York Gate Gardens another place on my to-do list.

It was a beautiful day and as I parked the car I could see the grave stones amongst the grass, this was going to be a lovely church.

Adel parish church, is described as "one of the best and most complete Norman churches in Yorkshire" there are some good guides with photos of all the things you can find as well as it's history. (links at bottom).

As you walk into the church grounds you will find these stone coffins and millstones.

Coffins made of lead and stone were reserved for the very wealthy or very important. The shape of these varied wildly from today’s coffins; they were a rectangular-shaped alcove carved into stone, with a rounded circle at the top for the head - the perfect shape for a person.

 A few flowers were still gro…

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