Five wonderful days in EDINBURGH....Day one

We always try to get away in March as it's my birthday and wedding anniversary. 

This year we chose Edinburgh.
Monday to Friday we stayed in a lovely Apartment hotel on the Royal Mile.

In the middle there was a courtyard opening up to the sky. 

If you have not been to Edinburgh YOU MUST... full of stunning buildings and so high.

If you love history then it's brimming over here in every corner, from little streets to the vast amount of churches, cathedrals and grave yards. 

There were statues , monuments,  plaques to famous people on every corner. All packed together in one lovely place.
We have never walked so much..our feet and legs ached.  

The buildings were so large it was quite hard to get them all in one photo.


St Giles’ Cathedral is the historic City Church of Edinburgh.
With its famed crown spire it stands on the Royal Mile between Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

This was one of my favourite places, i will do a extra post on this place.
on the first evening we walked the Royal Mile.

Queensberry Memorial to Walter Montagu Douglas Scott, 5th Duke of Buccleuch

 Tolbooth  Kirk Church

This gothic style building was built between 1842-1844 by Augustus Pugin (1812-1852) and James Gillespie Graham (1777-1858) to originally house the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, the kirks presiding body.

The Tolbooth Kirk's impressive octagonal spire at 74m (240ft) is the tallest in Edinburgh. 

It has not been used as a kirk since 1984 but opened as THE HUB in 1999 Endinburgh's Festival Centre. 

There is a restaurant/cafe with indoor and outdoor seating.


Edinburgh Castle 
Edinburgh Castle is a historic fortress which dominates the skyline of the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, from its position on the Castle Rock. Archaeologists have established human occupation of the rock since at least the Iron Age (2nd century AD), although the nature of the early settlement is unclear. There has been a royal castle on the rock since at least the reign of David I in the 12th century, and the site continued to be a royal residence until 1633.

From the Castle ground you had a lovely view of the surrounding area, late in the day the light was fading but you still could see for miles.

George Heriot's School

George Heriot's School is situated up the side of Greyfriars grave yard,
The main building of the school is notable for its renaissance architecture, the work of William Wallace.

William Wallace (died 1631) was a Scottish master mason and architect. He served as King's Master Mason under James VI.

Time to find somewhere to eat, tomorrow we visit the castle and clime to the top of  Scott Monument in 50 gale winds , 200 foot high !!!

Scott Monument 

(Link) Public art in Edinburgh 


  1. I'm glad you had a great time in that charismatic city

    1. Thanks Simon have you been to Edinburgh ?...
      Amanda xx

  2. Lovely photos as always. I've been to Edinburgh a few times but mostly odd hours snatched at conferences. It's somewhere I'd love to spend more time. Looking forward to the rest of your posts. x

    1. Thanks Julie, if you get change you must stay longer it's wonderful...
      Amanda xx

  3. Edinburgh is a wonderful city and I loved it there. A great place too for celebrating birthdays and anniversaries as there is so much of interest to see and do and just to feel history all around you. I look forward to seeing more from your visit in later posts:)

    1. Thanks Rosie, I would love to go again as there was so much we missed due to time, they run trips to top of Scotland which we would love to do.
      Amanda xx

  4. A wonderful post Amanda and lovely photos. So pleased you had such a great time. It is so interesting to read all about the history and I am so glad to see more photos of Edinburgh :) The whole city looks full of atmosphere and interest. Can't wait to see more posts, information and photos :)

    1. Thanks RR, big post coming up of day 2, you would just love it here.
      Amanda xx

  5. I love the courtyard of the place you stayed, great photo! I've only been to Edinburgh once and it was for Rugby so I didn't see much of the city! x

    1. Thanks Pam, add it to the list of places to visit. There is just as much for the children to do as adults, great place for the whole family.


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